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Nov 10, 2013 10:00am EST
don't believe it will be very easy for us to make an agreement between the republicans and the democrats because the democrats want to increase taxes, they want to forgo sequestration. if there is going to be an agreement, it seems to me it has to be a willingness of republicans to give something up on sequestration but only that would happen if there is a long- term solution that we can arrive that between social security and medicare and including tax reform. can that happen? i am very pessimistic it can happen but i know that going to try to work in that direction and i know that congressman ryan is working very closely with patty murray of the senate budget committee to try to get in that direction. it is a tough row to know. >> if that's the case, then what? >> then you have sequestration which is the law of the land and republicans are generally satisfied with sequestration. since it is the law of the land, it seems to me like it is as simple as passing a claimcr through the house and find out the democrats will shut down government or not and is the president
Nov 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
espionage to come in and steal all the stuff, don't you thing heads would roll? you have been in a fire? who has been recommended? >> could the head of nsa be a civilian and you separate cyber command from the nsa chief position? >> you mentioned edward snowden is now holed up in russia. >> because they are so protective of human rights and free speech. >> being sarcastic. >> we do not have billboards in vermont. >> what do you think of him? do you think is more of a whistleblower or traitor? >> the traitor the decision of court will have to make. the fact they go first with it to china and then russia. they pay for freedom and free speech. i wish we had that available for the appropriate oversight and it raises questions of why we are doing it. one was with private first class manning with material a lady gaga cd. that created some very real dangers for a lot of people. i asked the question who was the person who made the enormous mistake of putting all that stuff in a place where somebody could come in and download the old lady gaga tape? >> what should happen? >> you have to have private
Nov 24, 2013 10:00am EST
place on earth where the people don't know about jazz, he says. that is true in part because musicians like him have sacrificed so much to play it. we salute pioneers who pushed our nation towards greater justice and equality. a baptist minister, c.t. vivian was one of martin luther king jr.'s closest advisers. it is in the action that we find out who we really are. time and again, reverend vivian was among the first to be in the action. in 1947, joining a sit-in to integrate an illinois restaurant. one of the first freedom riders. he was beaten, bloodied and jailed. rosa parks said of him, even after things that supposedly have been taken care of and we had our rights, he was still out there inspiring the next generation, including me, helping kids go to college with a program that would become upward bound. at 89 years old, reverend vivian is still out there, still in the action pushing us closer to our founding ideals. early in the morning, the day of the march on washington, the national mall was far from full. some of the press were beginning to wonder if the event would be a fail
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)